5 food to never eat

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hi Christie Jacobs here I’m a leading

certified nutritionist in the trim down

Club and today I went to address five

foods that you’ve been told are healthy

for you that can actually increase

unwanted weight gain and cause other

serious health problems now these five

foods are manufactured by big companies

and since these companies have a lot of

influence and pull in the media you may

want to watch this presentation right

now until the end while it’s still

showing so let’s get started you’re

probably eating these foods daily and

they not only add to those extra inches

around your belly but they can stop you

from losing weight altogether when you

eliminate them the excess weight falls

off naturally I often joke with my

husband that we really don’t live in the

information age as much as we live in

the misinformation age I say that

because there’s a lot of misleading

information floating around when it

comes to being healthy and losing weight

I’ve tried everything you’ve tried the

diet pills counting calories specially

prepared meals and none of it worked not

to mention I felt like I was starving

myself most of the time on these diets I

started feeling like there was no hope

that my body was destined to be

super-sized I was ready to throw in the

towel and accept my fate of never being

thin but through my studies in the

nutritional field I discovered some key

factors that keep the fat on as soon as

I started eliminating certain foods

foods that we’ve consistently been told

were healthy for us the fat just melted

away this information may shock you but

you can start using it immediately to

lose weight for good especially belly

fat whether you’re currently on a diet

or not you’ll learn about genetically

modified or GM foods and see how certain

foods can cause hormonal imbalances and

keep the fat on what you eat can affect

your hormones negatively or positively

and what you put into your body has more

to do with you being healthy and losing

weight than anything else

specific foods that are labeled healthy

for you can actually keep that fat on


hormonal imbalances increase

cardiovascular disease and make it

almost impossible to lose weight as long

as you keep eating them in fact you have

all the answers right in your own

kitchen you just need to educate

yourself on what eating healthy is

really all about because it’s not what

most people think it is it’s not about

diet health bars or eating berries

celery or carrots when you consume the

right carbs with the right amount of

proteins the fat will burn off naturally

it’s that simple I’m going to show you

how to melt those unwanted pounds

without eating skimpy frozen meals

starving yourself with fad diets or even

doing exhausting exercises as long as

you avoid eating these five foods and

I’m betting three of these five foods

will shock you like they did me but let

me start with the one that isn’t a food

it’s actually a drink a drink you’ve

been told over and over how healthy it

is for you it’s concentrated orange

juice have you ever seen those

commercials that tell you starting your

day with a big glass of concentrated

orange juice is a really good idea

the truth is it’s probably one of the

worst things you can do to your body and

it’s not just oh jh1000 traited juices

like cranberry juice apple juice and

other concentrated fruit juices you

might be wondering how is this possible

isn’t fruit good for you well I knew the

problem wasn’t the fruit so I discovered

how fruits are concentrated into juice

you see many companies remove the fiber

and other nutritious elements out of the

fruit during the concentrating process

the fiber and fruit normally reduces the

spike in blood sugar with the fiber

taken out you are essentially left with

sugar water and when your blood sugar is

too high it puts your body in fat

storing mode essentially telling your

body to store anything you eat as fat

blood sugar levels are directly related

to insulin levels insulin is also known

as your fat storing hormone this

hormonal imbalance with insulin can

cause weight gain because

of the raised blood sugar levels most

concentrated fruit juices have just as

much or even more sugar than soda

contrary to what commercials tell you

starting your day with a big glass of

concentrated juice is a really bad

decision the excess sugar can spike your

blood sugar and put your body in fat

storing mode excess sugar in our diet is

probably the number one thing to be

careful of and it’s not just

concentrated juice you have to worry

about a lot of processed foods have

excess sugar in them and it’s disguised

in scientific sounding names like high

fructose corn syrup dextran dextrose and

fruit juice concentrate like I just

mentioned excess sugar in your diet can

cause your blood sugar levels to spike

which leads to an insolent overload and

puts your body in fat storing mode not

only does it cause weight gain but high

blood sugar for a prolonged period of

time can also lead to hyperglycemia and

diabetes especially type 2 diabetes

which many studies indicate is closely

associated with weight gain diabetes is

already the seventh largest cause of

death in the US and I’m afraid this

number will just continue to rise until

we change our eating habits and excess

sugar is just one of the problems the

Food and Drug Administration has warned

that there are over 50 different known

poisons and toxic substances in the

average Americans shopping cart these

chemicals combined caused hundreds of

different diseases and can even be fatal

in some cases

now the second fat storing food can also

increase your weight when it also has

far more serious health risks fat

storing food number two is margarine

like many oils and spreads most

margarine zhh contain trans fat trans

fats are formed when hydrogen is added

to make it solid and less likely to

spoil it’s added to prolong shelf life

when ingesting these trans fats can

increase the risk for cardiovascular

disease as well as weight gain

cardiovascular disease is on the rise

with heart disease being the number one

killer in America

trans fats have also been proven to

increase your LDL levels which are

commonly known

as bad cholesterol while at the same

time wiping out your HDL levels or your

good cholesterol so it’s a double whammy

on your body it can cause you to gain

weight wipe out your good cholesterol

increase your bad cholesterol by

building up plaque in your arteries and

do more harm than good as a certified

nutritionist for the trimmed-down club I

teach people to adjust what they’re

eating to more healthy alternatives like

butter instead of margarine butter has

fat in it too but it’s a saturated fat

that your body can burn for fuel instead

of building up plaque in your arteries

like trans fats can do you’ll start

eating foods that don’t wreak havoc on

your hormones your arteries or your

blood sugar levels and your body will

immediately thank you as it sheds inches

and melts the extra pounds away you’ll

learn more about that in a minute

next let’s get to fat storing food

number three which was quite a shock for

me it’s whole-wheat bread

are you surprised I was – it’s not just

whole-wheat bread either it’s other

breads pastas and other comfort foods

that all add up to making it very hard

to get lean and healthy comfort foods

are usually those high carb meals we all

love many comfort foods include apple

pie cakes muffins pastas and pizza

I knew that high carb comfort foods can

make you fat but if you’re like me you

love these foods and you don’t want to

give them up well as it turns out you

don’t have to my own problems losing

weight are what led me to become a

certified nutritionist I could never

seem to get rid of those extra twenty to

thirty pounds of belly fat I stopped

eating the sweets and was eating

healthier and I would even exercise

which helped lose some of the belly fat

but it always came back when I couldn’t

continue my routine because my life just

got too busy again there’s a saying in

the fitness industry that you can’t

exercise your way out of poor nutrition

what that means is that no amount of

exercise will help you if you’re not

eating nutrient-dense food that your

body needs to metabolize and I always

thought my weight had a lot to do with


carbs I was eating but the real key was

understanding how my body metabolizes

these carbohydrates and what causes

these cravings in the first place

when carbs are combined with the right

amount of other foods like proteins it

doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels

and puts your body in fat storing mode

you see there are two kinds of carbs low

carbs which are your greens most veggies

and some fruits and then there’s high

carbs the ones I loved and didn’t want

to give up things like pasta bread

sweets and even beer and wine and when

you eat them by themselves they can

cause you to gain weight before I became

a nutritionist here’s what my family and

I would eat on a typical day pancakes

for breakfast a burger for lunch and

chicken for dinner but the problem with

these meals is that they don’t have the

right ratio of high carbs and low carbs

to protein let’s take a look at

breakfast it’s essentially all high

carbs that means it’s likely to raise my

blood sugar level putting my body into

fat storing mode eating high carb meals

tends to elevate blood sugar levels

basically telling your body to store

everything you eat as fat and that’s

what was happening with me at almost

every meal I just had to customize my

meals to add the right balance of

proteins with some low carbs and the

high carbs to balance out my meal and

keep my blood sugar level and I didn’t

have to give up anything I can still

have a burger for lunch and my family’s

favorite chicken dish for dinner by

combining the right ratios of carbs and

proteins it causes your body to burn fat

rather than store it let me explain

something else that feeds into these

cravings for comfort foods cortisol is

another hormone that can cause that

sweet tooth for these comfort foods

cortisol is a hormone produced by your

adrenal glands in response to deal with

stressful situations this is the body’s

way of ramping up adrenaline levels to

move your body out of harm’s way it’s

what gives you that extra boost of

energy that helps you in an emergency

situation like running out of a burning

building but here’s the thing

stress is stressed too this hormone

it doesn’t know the difference between a

life-threatening physical situation and

a mentally stressful situation and when

you feel mentally stressed your body is

flooded with cortisol just as if you

were an immediate physical danger in a

physically stressful situation like

being inside a building on fire the

higher levels of cortisol are burned off

by the activity of running out of the

building that’s what it’s there for

to give you that extra boost of energy

but in mentally stressful situations

like being under a tight deadline at

work relationship problems or even being

overweight your body continues to

produce cortisol to handle the stress

since this excess cortisol is not being

burned up by physical action it creates

an imbalance that increases your

appetite and cravings for sugar

scientific studies have shown that when

stress levels are high it increases your

appetite your cravings for sugar and

this is typically stored in the

abdominal region which is why the

quickest way most of us deal with stress

is to reach for these high carb comfort

foods so the more stress the more weight

gain and it typically winds up around

the belly then I learned another thing

and this was really hard to understand

at first before becoming a nutritionist

I was always trying to get rid of that

extra 20 to 30 pounds of belly fat

through different diets most of these

diets restricted what I could eat as it

turns out those diets didn’t have me

eating enough see when you restrict

yourself from eating for a long time

like I did on those diets your blood

sugar drops and your body is convinced

it’s starving when your blood sugar

levels drop it puts you back in fat

storing mode but by snacking in between

meals throughout the day you can keep

your blood sugar levels balanced and

keep your body in the fat-burning zone

all day long your meals just have to be

balanced with the right amounts of

protein and carbs this way your blood

sugar levels don’t go too high and throw

your hormones out of whack or go too low

and put you into starvation mode now

think about these first three foods for

a second orange juice margarine

and whole-wheat bread how many people

probably have this every morning for

breakfast are you starting to see why it

can be so hard to lose weight can you

see how the choices made available to

you are sabotaging your weight-loss

goals and this problem isn’t just a

physical one the psychological factors

can sometimes be even worse ask yourself

if you ever experienced any of these


it’s hopeless I’m doing everything and

the weight still won’t come off I’m

never going to look as good as I did

before go out I don’t want to go out I

really don’t feel like doing anything

buy new clothes what’s the point nothing

ever fits when I hear these comments I

know the frustration because that’s how

I felt when I was trying everything and

nothing was working but now that I know

how your hormones can go out of whack by

eating certain foods I’ve just tweaked

my eating habits and stopped the endless

cycle of dieting and you can – it’s that


when hormones continue to be imbalanced

it can cause unwanted effects like

weight gain and it gets worse

because the more pounds you pack on the

less adiponectin your body produces

adiponectin is known as your fat burning

hormone the British Journal of Sports

Medicine published a study showing a

direct connection between lower levels

of fat with higher adiponectin levels in

your body as your body stores more fat

the less of this natural fat burning

hormone it produces so it’s another

double whammy it can be a domino effect

when your blood sugar goes too high or

low it can cause an insulin imbalance

and put your body into fat storing mode

as you gain weight your body tends to

produce less adiponectin your natural

fat burner then add in the day-to-day

modern stress we all live with and the

excess cortisol your body produces

because of it and you start to see why

weight loss can be so difficult but it

doesn’t have to be that way the trim

down Club gives you tips like keeping

your adiponectin at optimal levels to

increase your way

los for instance green tea has been

shown to increase levels of adiponectin

aside from its fat-burning power it’s

also a natural anti-inflammatory so it

can also help ease the swelling

sometimes associated with weight gain

the trimmed-down club has come to

realize it’s not the hormones but the

choices and food made available to us

that are contributing to these hormonal

imbalances like I said earlier there’s a

lot of misinformation floating around

and there’s vital information that’s

being hidden from us that could allow

all of us to be slender for life let me

take just a moment to quickly tell you

about the trim down club before we wrap

this up with the last two foods to avoid

we are a group of certified nutritionist

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fitness experts that teach you how to

swap out some of those fat storing foods

for healthy fat burning foods things

like butter instead of margarine and

whole grain bread instead of processed

wheat simple tweaks like these will

cause your body to burn fat rather than

store it because it keeps your blood

sugar levels balanced and keeps your

body in fat-burning mode all day we make

this very easy for you to do with our

exclusive personal menu planner you just

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you’re eating the right kinds of food to

maximize fat loss without counting fat

grams counting calories or starving

yourself this is a family friendly

program because when the rest of the

family is eating chicken you can eat


they’re having dessert you can have

dessert you don’t have to fix something

different or eat a frozen or prepackaged

meal because you’re trying to lose

weight my personal favorite are the

breakfast tacos and I love cream cheese

cocoa fudge cake for dessert these are

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now you may be very surprised that fat

storing food number 4 is processed soy

soy milk tofu in soy protein are just a

few of the products that companies

consistently sell us as being healthy

alternatives but it’s not true

listen to what I’m saying here because

this is when I first realized how

marketing gimmicks are used to keep

consumers dumb down to what they’re

really eating

you’ve probably heard how healthy these

soy products whole wheat breads and

fruit juices are especially since it

says so somewhere on the package and if

you’re wondering how soy products can be

bad for you it’s simple it all comes

down to processing many soy products are

highly processed and 91 percent of soy

grown in the u.s. is genetically

modified there’s also research from a

recent study that shows that unnatural

or processed soy has a direct connection

to infertility and reproductive problems

as well as being linked to an increase

in allergies and dr. Kayla Daniel author

of the whole soy story shows thousands

of studies linking soy to malnutrition

digestive distress immune system


sigh roid dysfunction cognitive decline

reproductive disorders and infertility

even cancer and heart disease here’s

just a sampling from her book of the

health effects that have been linked to

soy breast cancer thyroid disorders

kidney stones immune system impairment

severe or potential fatal food allergies

many processed foods can throw your

hormones out of balance harden your

arteries by producing plaque and

negatively affect your blood sugar

levels as you just saw what happens

during the processing of soybeans is

that many of the vital nutrients and

minerals are stripped out and as much as

90 percent of the phyto nutrient content

is lost during this process

phytonutrients are the disease-fighting

medicines found in foods when you eat

these processed foods your body doesn’t

get the nutrients it needs for health

and well-being it can cause weight gain

or even more serious health problems

by throwing your hormones out of balance

another such hormone is ghrelin the more

ghrelin your body produces the more your

appetite and hunger cravings increase

when your food doesn’t contain the

enzymes and nutrients your body needs

ghrelin can be turned on and cause you

to think you’re hungry even when you’re


ghrelin is the hormone responsible for

those late night feeding frenzies it’s

why you can eat a big meal and still

feel hungry 30 minutes later it can

trigger overeating or even binge eating

adding things like snap peas green beans

and other legumes to your meals have

been shown to decrease ghrelin and help

balance out the metabolism and when it

comes to losing weight metabolism is the

workhorse that burns the fat into fuel

and gets you lean and healthy your

metabolism is also crucial for your

kidney brain heart and liver to function

properly so just staying away from as

much processed food as possible is going

to help we’ll show you how simple and

easy it is to boost your metabolism and

give you a complete list of these fat

burning boosters inside the trim down

club now the last fat storing food is

usually eaten at barbecues and tastes

really good roasted

but it can be detrimental to your weight

loss efforts fat storing food number

five is corn but not any corn I’m

specifically talking about genetically

modified or GM corn for short there’s a

big controversy over genetically

modified foods or GMOs as they’re called

GMO is short for genetically modified

organism GMO foods are banned in many

other countries here’s probably the

easiest way to think about this

genetically modified foods may modify

you especially your weight and when it

comes to GM corn a study published in

the International Journal of Biological

Sciences shows that GMO corn and other

genetically modified foods is

contributing to the obesity epidemic and

also causing problems with vital organs

and it’s not just corn on the cob this

genetically modified version of corn can

be found in many foods take breakfast

cereals for example gluten-free corn

cereal corn puffs or flakes and even

those honey-coated oats are just a few

there are dozens more and this is just

the breakfast cereal category these five

foods are just the tip of a much deeper

problem especially in the genetically

modified foods category corn soy sugar

aspartame canola and even dairy is being

bombarded by corporate giants with

unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals

growth hormones and antibiotics that can

have very negative effects on your

health and increase your weight gain

adding chemicals to prolong shelf life

or genetically modifying our food is not

the answer

modifying what we eat towards more

healthy choices is you can change your

health your weight and your life just by

making better food choices and knowing

when to eat how to eat as well as what

not to eat but like I said earlier this

isn’t about just eating vegetables and

granola these are delicious meals where

we teach you to swap out unhealthy and

fat foods for leaner choices that don’t

put you at risk

the trimmed-down club gives you a

complete done-for-you easy-to-follow

program to melt the fat away to get lean

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trainers even Tony Robbins who is a

self-help coach himself has a coach and

a trainer the list goes on and on they

don’t try to go it alone because they’ve

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sabotage ourselves when trying to break

bad habits to form new good habits they

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life you need to increase motivation put

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