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hi my name is dr. Charles and pretty

lady next to me is one of my favorite

patients Lori and between us is my dog

Dolce now I’ve got somewhat of an

unusual weight loss tip to share with

you today a tip that’s been right under

our noses our whole life literally it’s

also one of the most important tips that

I’ve shared with my patients in the

clinic here in fishers indiana it’s a

very simple tip they could help you

quickly lose one to two inches from your

belly and under a week now I need you to

listen very closely this video contains

one of my biggest fat burning secrets I

don’t know how long this video will be

up so please be sure to watch him from

beginning to end while it’s still here

okay so you’re probably thinking to

yourself listen I’ve tried every diet

known to man I’ve given it my all and it

I don’t know it just keeps coming back

well let me stop you right there this is

not some magical weight loss pill it has

nothing to do with that crazy-ass aebary

garbage or any special weight loss drops

or any of the other incredibly scamming

weight loss gimmicks that we see all

over the internet these days in fact

these tips date all the way back to the

1950s and help explain why the majority

of all Americans are now considered

obese and know it might not be because

we eat too many bad foods I’ll show you

how you should be able to eat some bad

foods and still lose weight hey believe

it or not it’s not your fault but before

I get into the specifics let me quickly

tell you a little bit about myself first

of all I’m a board-certified

chiropractic physician certified

wellness practitioner certified advanced

nutritionist speaker author have helped

thousands worldwide one more thing

before we go any further let me tell you

about someone that I’m extremely proud

of a patient of mine named Laurie now

she was your typical working mom with

three children to take care of yes I

said three Laurie was my guinea pig at

the beginning and helped me create this

program now she comes from a very poor

line of genetics obesity diabetes heart

disease etc so I thought if this program

worked for her

might be able to help anyone this one

specific tip that I’m about to share

with you helped Lori lose two inches

from her belly lose eight pounds in only

nine days lose two inches from each

thigh lose three quarters of an inch

from each arm dropped three dress sizes

at the age of 30 she now wears a smaller

dress than she did in high school I know

you probably skeptical and I don’t blame

you I mean it sounds like something so

dramatic that that it must be torn from

one of those supermarket tabloids right

but it isn’t lori ultimately lost a

whopping ninety pounds of fat and

dropped 16 dress sizes 16 Lori went from

this 210 pounds which by the way is the

way that she couldn’t get rid of after

her last pregnancy to this 120 pounds

and she achieved all of this without

counting calories without starving

yourself without killing herself at the

gym all while still eating all the foods

that she likes like raspberry cheesecake

ice cream which she absolutely refused

to give up her friends are jealous and

acquaintances can’t believe that she’s

ever even been pregnant listen when it

comes to weight loss unfortunately women

get the short end of the stick it’s

definitely harder for women to lose

weight in fact women have been hardwired

to not lose weight and no matter how

cheesy what I’m about to tell you sounds

it all makes perfect sense if we stop

and think about it let me explain it all

stems back to the hunter-gatherer days

of our ancestors men weren’t built for

fat storage at all men were built to be

lean and fast to hunt food how men can

even accumulate fat at all goes

completely against our genetics on the

other hand women were built for fat

storage to be able to survive and care

for children during famine they’re

essential minimal fat stores are many

times higher than men women were built

to accumulate as much fat as possible

and to not lose those accumulations for

childbirth milk production and

child-rearing now unfortunately we’ve

been built to survive not to look good

have a couple of major fat storing

roadblocks that hold them back first of

all women’s fat cells are bigger and

have more fat storing enzymes in them

men’s fat cells have more fat burning

enzymes and are much smaller women

honestly do have a lot more working

against them which is why the steps I’ll

be outlining in this presentation works

so well second estrogen multiplies fat

storing enzymes making them gain weight

around their butt and thighs like it’s

an Olympic event darden those childbirth

genetics third crash dieting it puts our

bodies instantly into starvation mode

reducing fat burning enzymes by up to

fifty percent our bodies literally freak

out so not only do we tend to lose

muscle mass when crash dieting but our

fat burning enzymes can decrease yikes

this should help you understand why it’s

harder for gals to lose weight so is it

actually possible to overcome these

silly genetics well I’ve got some great

news you can and i’m about to share with

you one simple tip that can instantly

boost your fat loss guaranteed knowing

what i’m about to share with you will

make you realize why the popular

well-known so-called diet program simply

don’t work long term mega rich weight

loss companies make money off of people

like you and i by selling us stuff that

leads to at best temporary results but

here’s the thing we don’t need them in

their expensive weight loss gimmicks to

lose weight what i’m about to share with

you is key to actually being able to eat

some bad foods and still burn fat ok let

me give you a tiny anatomy lesson and

it’s probably something you’ve never

heard about i make it a little bit

technical for a second but stick with me

because i promise you by the end of this

presentation we want you to understand

how to lose the weight you want and keep

it off for good this unusual tip is

about your liver now the main role

deliver is to break down toxic

substances and produce bile which breaks

down fats in the small intestines bile

is critical for the transport of fats

through the body liberty’s function can

result in difficulties eliminating

cholesterol which is a type of fat for

those of us that consume large amounts

of cholesterol we

is very common in American diets liver

dysfunction can be a very significant

factor in weight gain now if the liver

does not regulate fat metabolism

efficiently weight gain tends to occur

around the belly area and a protuberance

a diamond also known as a potbelly will

develop another side of an unhealthy

liver can be a row of fat under the

upper abdomen if the liver filter is not

functioning correctly it can’t remove

the small fat globules chylomicrons that

circulate in the bloodstream these extra

chylomicrons can build up in other

organs and in fatty deposits under the

skin which can lead to cellulite which

tends to be found in your butt thighs

arms and belly it can be very difficult

to lose this abdominal fat until the

liver function is improved that’s one of

the major reasons that the older we get

the fatter we get so but I’m basically

trying to say is this when your liver is

clogged up with junk it will be

difficult to lose weight no matter how

much dieting and exercise you do ever

wonder why whenever you would die it and

then stop you’d gain the weight right

back but clean out your liver properly

and turn it right back into the

fat-burning metabolism boosting organ

that it can be imagine starting a good

weight loss program with the healthy

liver that’s regularly burning fat for

you 24 hours a day seven days a week

even while you’re sleeping the key here

is to get your body as healthy as

possible before beginning a proper

weight loss program I believe it’s

starting a weight loss program without

cleansing and purifying your body well

it can be setting you up to fail before

you even begin so what can you do right

now to start cleaning out your liver

based on Lori’s success as well as

hundreds of our patients we’ve developed

an all-encompassing system designed for

long-term life-changing results we call

this system the fat loss factor it’s

made up of several easy-to-understand

components now in just a second I’m

going to show you a ton of before and

after pictures of real world people

besides Lori that have gotten incredible

results using the fat loss factor

program a guarantee that can help anyone

lose weight

step one is all about cleaning your

liver and body which we’ve touched on

slightly in this video on page thirty

will tell you about the food substance

found everywhere that will bind to fat

causing toxins and literally pull them

out of the body this step is almost like

getting a do-over from all the damage

that you’ve already done instantly

giving your metabolism a much-needed

boost step 2 talks about specific fat

burning foods that you can eat so you

can still enjoy some bad foods in

moderation like cake and cookies and at

lori’s case ice cream and still continue

to lose weight on page 34 you’ll

discover healthy delicious fat burning

foods that you don’t need a mortgage to

purchase now you can afford to eat right

step 3 on page 15 teaches you the reason

you probably don’t have to do all of the

cardio like the so-called experts teach

increase your fat loss by staying on the

program generally all that’s needed is

15 minutes three times a week there’s no

reason to kill yourself in the gym

unless of course you enjoy it step 4 on

page 60 teaches you something that will

likely shock you it’s the real reason

that all the so-called diets eventually

fail and the reason the fat loss factor

program cannot fail once you get through

step 4 you’ll never look at weight loss

the same again and after just a few

weeks you’ll be on your way to

overhauling your system boosting your

metabolism and getting in what may be

the best shape of your life the stuff I

teach in the fat loss factor program it

isn’t a bunch of nerdy mumbo jumbo and

unrealistic steps that need to be

followed it’s written in a very

straightforward do this then do that way

that anyone can understand and follow

it’s written for the real world medicine

fluff in theory like most weight loss

programs it’s the same stuff that I’ve

taught my patients in the clinic here in

fishers indiana look can i guarantee

you’ll have the exact same results as

these guys of course not not everyone

will actually follow the steps i

outlined the program that’s sad but it’s

true but with that set I can absolutely

guarantee two things first if you follow

my program you will see results heck

they could even be better than what

you’ve seen in this presentation second

if you’re not 100

and percent happy with your results you

can keep your money and the course for

free you can change your body and your

life and I’m so incredibly confident

that it will work for you that like I

said earlier if for any reason you

decide the fat loss factor program isn’t

for you just email me within 8 entire

weeks and I’ll give you a full refund

and let you keep everything for free no

questions asked my personal email

address is Charles at Fat Loss Factor

com email me any time I checked my email

very often and love meeting new people

so email me to ask whatever questions

you might have I usually respond within

only a couple of hours at the most okay

so what’s the price for this

one-of-a-kind system well if you sign up

for that UPS box food from jenny or

nutria you can pay around twelve hundred

dollars for just some of the food that

you’ll need for their 12 week plan i say

some because the dirty little secret

that those companies never tell you is

that you still have to go out and buy

supermarket food on top of the money

that you spend with them every four

weeks and get this some of these

programs also charge you by the pound

yeah the more you lose the more you owe

them how ridiculous is that plus you

could be married to their food for a

very long time okay who wants that yuck

now you could go on one of those popular

diets that are out today right and the

real cost of food could put you in the

poorhouse or worse than all that you

could buy another fad diet scheme that

takes your money and your health but

ultimately leaves you in worse shape

than when you started or you could get

the fat loss factor system for less than

the price of a single session with most

personal trainers which I’m sure you

already know what comes of that and

you’ll get all this the entire fat loss

factor system teaching you the truth

behind fast permanent weight loss a

system that allows you to still enjoy

your favorite foods you’ll know and have

access to everything they do second the

liver and body cleansing videos where

you’ll get to watch us in our kitchen

preparing the entire cleanse I’ve

described to you in this video making it

easy to lose that starter 122

inches in under a week third you’ll get

access to our custom-made software

program that will allow you to search

through over 70 fast food restaurants

and view our fat loss factor ratings for

each food you’ll know immediately which

foods you can eat on the go and which

ones you can’t over 5,000 different

foods fourth a pre created grocery list

yep we’re taking all of the guesswork

out of this for you will tell you the

exact food you can get from the grocery

store nothing is left to chance fifth

beginner intermediate and advanced

weight lost exercises all you have to do

is read and perform the easy

instructions as you progress simply move

to the next program level sixth five

sample 15-minute workout routines yes

you heard me right it only takes an

average of 15 minutes a day and we

provide you with five sample routines

that you can perform if you forget how

to do an exercise just go to fat loss

factor calm and view the exercise

animations you’ll instantly know how to

do any exercise yep that’s right we’ve

got you covered seventh a fat loss

factor measurements form that you can

use to track your progress as you lose

inches and pounds each week you’ll be

able to keep track of it expect you by

the way to keep us posted on your

results ate a simple to use goal-setting

guide that i use in my clinic by

answering a few questions you’ll have a

clear-cut roadmap to reach your goal hey

you have to know where you want to go

before you can get there ninth i’m also

giving you a food diary and exercise log

I’ve designed this to help you easily

move from day to day and see exactly

what you’re doing and what you’re eating

I’ve made this an exact science so that

you can get those proven results don’t

worry it won’t take forever to fill out

10th you’ll get one full year of

personal email coaching yes that’s right

I’ll give you my personal email address

so that you can contact me anytime ask

me whatever you want whenever you want

listen I’m here for you every single

step of the way I want you to prove it

to yourself that you can do this once

and for all so I’ll be there for all

motivation that you need by the way

you’ll also get any lifetime updates for

free yeah if we find things that seem to

work faster or better or easier we’ll

update the course and you’ll get access

to the updated copy absolutely free I

mean heck you deserve the best and

that’s what we’re going to give you now

because this isn’t a video that will be

leaving up for long and you managed to

get here while it’s still up we’ve set

up a special discount to get the full

fat loss factor program the regular

price and the price that others have

paid is a price that’s much higher than

most all diet programs that you’ve

likely seen and the reason is because I

reveal things that nobody else reveals

the regular price for the methods taught

and the full fat loss factor success

package is 732 dollars which is the

price I’ve charged in my clinic to meet

one-on-one with me now here is where you

benefit since the fat loss factor

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don’t have to pay my clinic overhead I

don’t have to pay my employees to

schedule appointments for me I didn’t

meet with you face to face and I don’t

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pass the savings on to you because i

don’t have to pay out as much now i told

you earlier that i’m going to make this

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just to make sure that you can get

started right away the first video is

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how to dress to make you look skinny

this can instantly make you look like

you’ve lost ten pounds the second video

is Lori making a trip to the local

health food store teaching you exactly

what to look for what I was to go down

what to look at on labels etc this will

answer all of your grocery shopping

questions so that you know the right

aisles to shop in and the ones to avoid

the third video is a quick start video

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minutes to make it brain dead easy to

get started okay here’s what our most

recent customers have said from gia in

Tempe Arizona she writes I had my

sixteen-year-old daughter run through it

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dropped twenty four pounds or about this

one from Joyce in Boston Joyce rights

since starting this diet in April I’ve

lost 25 pounds I love this diet and then

there’s John from Boulder Colorado who

said within three days I lost five

pounds of fat and reduced my waist size

by at least one belt buckle so here you


staring at the fork in the road two

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from one road is well-traveled the

pavement is cracked bumpy and full of

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